What is Doo Wah Doo?

Doo Wah Doo is a mobile app that will change the way you karaoke. No more flipping through binders or lists. No more slips of paper or guessing when your turn is up. We will bring the karaoke world into the 21st Century by digitizing the experience for karaoke jockeys (KJs), singers, and venues in one centralized location.


As a singer, you’ll be able to easily search for karaoke events, search a KJ’s music library, view current songs and check your place in line right from your phone. 


As KJ, you’ll have access to the Doo Wah Doo queue management system and cloud-based, fully licensed music library that will enable more users to participate in your events, while leaving more time for you to focus on the entertainment part of your gig. Plus, you’ll have the backing of the Doo Wah Doo marketing machine to drive attendance to your events!

When is Doo Wah Doo launching?

Doo Wah Doo is aiming toward a 2019 launch in the U.S. and in select international markets in 2020.

How can I download the Doo Wah Doo app?

Once we launch, the Doo Wah Doo app will be available in the iTunes and Google App stores.  Sign up here to get the email link to download the app when we launch.